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Cupping Therapy

Cupping TherapyCupping therapy was first used by the Ancient Egyptians in 1550BC but has also been practiced throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa for thousands of years. Cupping therapy is an alternative form of medicine and is also known as a traditional Chinese Medicine.

The basic idea behind cupping therapy is to place plastic cups on the client’s skin to create a suction/vacuum, so the blood is drawn to the surface of the skin in specific parts of the body that need healing.

Cupping therapy offers several advantages including aiding in promoting blood flow and increase blood circulation to muscles and tissue, supplies oxygen to cells, loosens knots, and can release and drain excess fluids and toxins. Cupping therapy can have the same effects as a deep tissue massage.

Most clients do not experience any major discomfort however it is very common to get bruising from cupping.

The following is a list of which cupping therapy can be beneficial:

• Muscle & joint pain relief

• Arthritis pain relief

• Analgesic

• Increase blood flow and oxygen to the area

• Decrease toxins

• Relax muscles

• Decrease stress & anxiety

• Calms the central nervous system

• Promote healing of injuries

• Decrease trigger points/ knots

• Decrease carpal tunnel pain

• Decrease plantar fasciitis

• Restores collagen & elasticity to the skin

• Helps decrease eczema, scars, & cellulite

• Helps with digestion/ irritable bowel syndrome

• Decreases respiratory issues (colds, phlegm…etc.)

• Drains lymphatic fluid

Cupping Therapy-

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