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Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep Tissue MassageDeep Tissue massage uses a series of Swedish massage techniques and strokes in a deep/firm pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue (fascia). Through the use of knuckles, fists, elbows and fingers the therapist applies a deep pressure to work out any holding patterns, adhesions and knots. Deep tissue massage can be very effective and therapeutic although it can periodically cause some discomfort during the treatment (depending on the person) it should not cause excessive pain for the client or over strain for the therapist if applied properly. However, your therapist should always check in about the pressure and it can be adjusted to your tolerance. The intention is to work through each layer of muscle therapeutically instead of just working the more superficial muscles. You will find that the techniques used during a deep tissue massage will be applied slower so that the therapist can work through and treat each layer of muscle while assessing the tissue around it. Fascia can become stiff and adhesions can form through decreased mobility, injuries and some illnesses causing possible pain, decreased range of motion, and decreased circulation. Deep tissue massage can be used for a variety of applications including back, shoulder and neck pain, IT band and leg tightness, stiff muscles, repetitive strain, posture correction, sports injuries/maintenance, tendonitis, sciatica, to increase mobility etc. Deep tissue helps to breakdown knots, scar tissue and adhesions helping to restore circulation, decrease pain and increase mobility.


It is always good to discuss with your therapist what the best treatment would be for you and the issue you are experiencing. Everyone feels pressure differently and what deep pressure is to one person is light feeling pressure to another.  However, your therapist is always able to adjust to your pressure needs and anytime during the treatment.