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Registered Massage Therapy

massage therapy

Massage Therapy can be an important part of your health maintenance plan by reducing or eliminating pain, improving joint mobility, improving circulation, reducing muscular tension and improving lymphatic drainage.

Massage therapy can be used for both acute and chronic conditions. Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) work with clients of all ages, to treat illnesses, injury’s and disability’s.

An RMT will use their knowledge of anatomy and physiology to combine traditional swedish massage therapy techniques with other therapies to treat their clients. There has been a variety of research proving the benefits of massage therapy for various conditions.

Massage Therapy has been proven to be beneficial when provided by a Registered Massage Therapist for the following conditions:

• Anxiety and depression

• Muscle, Joint & Ligament Pain

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Dislocations Fractures and edema

• Headaches

• Insomnia

• Multiple Sclerosis

• Muscle tension and spasms

• Post-surgical rehabilitation

• Sports injuries

• Asthma and emphysema

• Cancer symptoms

• Chronic fatigue syndrome

• Fibromyalgia

• Gastrointestinal disorders

• Inflammatory conditions (ex arthritis, bursitis…etc.)

Massage Therapy can also be used as preventative care. This includes sports training, injury prevention, ongoing stress management, and more.

Your therapist will develop a treatment plan based on your needs. The treatment plan may be changed at any time and you have no obligation to continue to take part of the treatment plan. Your treatment begins after you’ve given your informed consent.

Massage Therapy –

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massage therapy