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Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapyUltrasound Therapy is used to treat many chronic and acute injuries, chronic pain and a variety of disorders.

Ultra sound therapy uses sound waves at a frequency of 1mHz -3mHz to penetrate the skin and target areas in the deeper tissues that other therapies may not be able to reach. The sound waves increase normal blood flow to areas, soften scar tissue and trigger the self-healing process.

We have been trained and certified to formulate a treatment that is a combination of frequency (depth of treatment), thermal or non-thermal, and treatment time to achieve the best result safely and effectively

Incorporating Therapeutic ultrasound in your Massage Therapy treatment can have some outstanding effects.

Coupled with massage it can decrease pain, muscle tension, help with neurological symptoms, and help with deep adhesion, facial restrictions, and decrease trigger point pain.

Ultrasound can benefit people with conditions such as, but limited to:

-Plantar fasciitis



-Scar tissue adhesion


-Muscle spasm

-Muscle strains

-Ligament sprains

-Frozen shoulder


-Knee pain

-Lower back pain

-Neck pain

-Rotator cuff injury

-Nerve impingement


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ultrasound Therapy feel like?

Ultrasound therapy is very comfortable. We will apply a coupling gel on your skin, which acts as a conductive medium for the sound waves. You may or may not feel a warming sensation depending on the issue we are treating. The wand/transducer is moved in circular motions with very little pressure, and comfortable for most conditions.


Does it cost extra to Ultrasound Therapy within my massage treatment?

No, there is no extra fee to include Ultrasound Therapy in your massage treatment. If you solely come in for a treatment of ultrasound Therapy only, there is a minimal fee. You can find all fees in our fee schedule.


Therapeutic Ultrasound-

Offered by Lora, Holly, Nicole and Shannon